Aesthetically pleasing flooring, very resistant and durable!


Self-leveling epoxy flooring is highly resistant to abrasive agents, chemicals and wear. As well as being waterproof, it comes in a wide variety of colors, shades and sheens.

Solutions in thicknesses from 2 mm, with colors defined by the Ral catalog,

Main features:

– Completely waterproof;

– Inside and out. (See technical data sheet for support and final sealing);

– Maximum grip on all types of solid support;

– Resistance to thermal shock;

– Low cleaning and maintenance;

– High quality smooth finish.


– Complies with the latest HACCP standards

– Flooring without joints or pores that prevents the formation of bacteria

– No smell and low VOC emissions during application

Anti-Slip Ramps

Quality flooring with great safety

Sand Color Palette

A Unique Gift Range

The exclusivity and sophistication that only the color sand can give! The tones are composed of both neutral colors and earthy tones, offering sobriety and warmth to the floors.

RAL Color Palette

All Colors at your fingertips

System widely used worldwide . In our industry, the RAL color system is also used as a reference for choosing the colors to be used in flooring, regardless of the business area.