About Us

Our history

We are a highly specialized construction company operating in the industrial flooring segment, and this makes us one of the few construction companies that doesn’t try to take on all the work in a row, and only does what it knows and knows perfectly. We won’t do the work unless we’re 100% confident of a great result. We guarantee our customers the highest quality of work.

They say that without remembering the past, it’s impossible to ensure a good future. We have always remembered this simple and precise wisdom, thanks to which our company is alive and thriving. We use our years of experience, and this helps the company’s staff solve the challenges posed by the client, or that arise in the course of the work. Our professionals have been working in the field of industrial flooring production for 15 years. In combination with a complete set of modern professional equipment, this is an additional guarantee of high reliability and excellent quality of the work carried out.

We take an individual approach to each client. Using advanced technology and equipment, and constantly monitoring the quality of the work carried out, we are able to meet all the customer’s needs in the area of industrial flooring.

We are honest and open in our dealings with customers. We apply industrial resin flooring, the quality of which fully meets our demanding requirements. Thank you for your interest and trust in us, we are close to you, we – people who are passionate about their work and are always willing to collaborate. What is important to us is not only the financial results of our work, but also the quality of the work done. We want to share some of our skills and qualifications with our clients.

Sand Color Palette

A Unique Gift Range

The exclusivity and sophistication that only the color sand can give! The tones are composed of both neutral colors and earthy tones, offering sobriety and warmth to the floors.

RAL Color Palette

All the colors at your fingertips

System widely used worldwide . In our industry, the RAL color system is also used as a reference for choosing the colors to be used in flooring, regardless of the business area.