Super resistant, durable and easy to maintain flooring!


Epoxy flooring – rigid monolithic coatings consisting of a two-component polymer composition: hardener and epoxy resin. Coatings based on epoxy resins are widely used in industrial and civil construction with the ability to offer different performance characteristics.

Epoxy floors are characterized by:

– Monolithic hardness;

– High chemical resistance;

– High wear resistance;

– High adhesion to various surfaces;

– Ecological purity of the finished coating.

After 2/3 days after applying the last layer, the floor is passable; it takes 7 days to dry completely.

This type of flooring is suitable for use in large areas of intervention in cases where its application does not require a short period of time.


– Complies with the latest HACCP standards

– Flooring without joints or pores that prevents the formation of bacteria

– No smell and low VOC emissions during application


High-quality, hard-wearing flooring

Sand Color Palette

A Unique Gift Range

The exclusivity and sophistication that only the color sand can give! The tones are composed of both neutral colors and earthy tones, offering sobriety and warmth to the floors.

RAL Color Palette

All Colors at your fingertips

System widely used worldwide . In our industry, the RAL color system is also used as a reference for choosing the colors to be used in flooring, regardless of the business area.